“Following Papa’s Song”

by Gianna Marino

As two whales swim together through the big ocean, Little Blue has many questions for Papa, especially ones about the long migration. How will they know the way? Will he be able to keep up? What will they see along the way?


WATCH and LISTEN to Brightly Storytime’s Read Along of Following Papa’s Song:


FINGERPLAY: Five Baby Whales
(count down using your fingers)

Five baby whales dive to the ocean floor.
One swims away and then there are…

Four baby whales eating krill in the sea.
One swims away and then there are…

Three baby whales calling in the ocean blue.
One swims away and then there are…

Two baby whales breech in the sun.
One swims away and then there is…

One baby whale lonely and alone.
She swims to find her friends and they all go home.



A whale is not as small as us, (shake head and finger)
Most whales are bigger than a bus! (stretch arms out wide)
A whale is not a fish in the sea, (shake head and finger)
A whale breathes air like you and me. (take a deep breath)
A whale can’t walk upon the ground, (shake head and finger)
A whale must swim to get around. (make a swimming motion)
A whale is a mammal like you and me, (nod head, point to self and kids)
But their home is in the deep blue sea. (make wave motion)


COLOR this cute W is for whale coloring sheet from SuperColoringPages.com.


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