“Big Bad Baby”

Call in the fire engines and police cars! For whatever reason — a delayed nap, maybe, or too-tart applesauce — Sweet Little Sammy has turned into Big Bad Baby. Hide the milk and cookie trucks! Is no one safe from Big Bad Baby? 

  1. WATCH and LISTEN to Bruce Hale read his book “Big Bad Baby,” illustrated by Steve

2. Do an activity (or two!) to extend learning: 

  • CRITICAL THINKING – At the beginning of the video, Bruce Hale calls this book a “sweet little bedtime story.” Do you think this is a good book to read to babies before they go to sleep? Do you think Bruce Hale was joking when he called it “a sweet little bedtime story?”   
  • IMAGINE and DRAW – Big Bad Baby creates a Monster Machine. What would your Monster Machine look like? What would you make it out of? What kind of monster would it make? Can you draw the machine? Can you draw the monster?
  • Find another Bruce Hale picture book! Go to the library’s new page about educational and entertainment resources (click here for a shortcutand find Storylineonline.net. Once there you can search for Bruce Hale and find the video of an actor reading “Clark the Shark.” You can watch the video and look at the activity guides for free!

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