What to Wear on Camera

Bethlehem Community Network Television (BCN-TV)

a guide to looking good on your show

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Delmar NY 12054
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DO wear:

  • Pastels, e.g. light blue, lavender, green
  • Earth tones

    DON’T wear:

  • Red, red-orange or fuchsia
  • White
  • Black or dark clothing
  • Strong bright colors (Even a small area of strong color may appear pronounced.)
  • Glossy material, e.g. satin
  • Sequined or metallic finishes
  • Fine stripes, checks, or herringbone patterns
  • Rhinestones or other highly reflective jewelry
  • Noisy jewelry, e.g. multi-string beads

    Also avoid

  • Very low necklines
  • Short skirts/dresses
  • Detailed or fussy patterns
  • Color tones that merge with skin tones
  • Color tones that merge with the background

    Microphone placement

  • Personal microphones are usually clipped to lapels or ties.
  • Cardigans and button-down shirts work well.
  • Avoid crewneck tops or t-shirts, as they leave no place to clip a microphone.


  • Paper, file cards, flipcharts, scripts and presentation boards should never be white.
  • Photos should be horizontal, as large as possible, with a matte finish.

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