HVAC project updates

The planned upgrade to the building’s aging heating and cooling system is in full swing. As construction progresses, we will try to provide you with the most up-to-date information here.

The long-awaited HVAC improvements will increase comfort and efficiency throughout the library and are the result of a multi-year planning process. The construction is partially funded by a $289,467 New York State Library Construction Grant through the Upper Hudson Library System. The additional funding will allow the library to continue making necessary capital improvements to the building while minimizing the impact on taxpayers.

Thank you for your understanding as we do our best to minimize disruptions during this time.

5/29/18: Air conditioning has been restored inside the library. The HVAC project is nearly complete.

5/22/18: The library WILL BE CLOSED at 2 p.m. Thursday, May 24, and all day Friday, May 25, in addition to the Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-28).

5/18/18: Please be aware that the library could also be closed for some of Thursday, May 24, and all of Friday, May 25 – the days leading into the Memorial Day Weekend – to accommodate the final phase of our HVAC construction project. No part of the library will be accessible at that time, including the book drops. Due dates on materials have been adjusted to prevent any overdue fees associated with a possible closing.

Our phone system, website and BCN-TV public access station may also be down during this time and possibly through the holiday weekend.

4/30/2018: There is no air conditioning in the building at this time. We are doing our best to keep our public spaces as comfortable as possible, but it may get warm inside the building at times. Barring any unforeseen complications, we expect the new HVAC system to be up and running following Memorial Day weekend.

3/30/2018: The first phase of asbestos abatement involving the removal of the floor tiles in the maintenance area is complete. Independent air quality test results show the area and its surroundings to be completely clear.

3/16/2018: Our contractors have told us that construction will close the Board Room to staff and public use for approximately three weeks. The start of this time period is not yet known. The library will not be taking any new requests for the Board Room through May 15, and we will work to accommodate any existing reservations as best we can.

2/27/2018: Asbestos abatement will take place in select locations as part of this project. All work and air monitoring will be done in accordance with federal and state regulations with an effort to minimize disruption of normal building activities. Click here to read the official notice (pdf).

2/22/2018: Library staff are currently relocating their workspaces to the Storyhour Room in preparation for the internal phase of the HVAC project, which is expected to begin March 5 and last approximately 8 weeks.

As a result:
• Storytimes may take place in the community or board room, or inside the Children’s Place.
• Some meeting rooms may not be available for limited times during the project.
• Construction noise may be audible during business hours.

The maintenance office is cleared out and ready for the removal of the blue floor tiles.

The storyhour room has been converted into a temporary workroom for the librarians.

IT staffers remove old wiring from the upstairs mezzanine to prepare for the HVAC work.

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