Drug- and alcohol-free workplace policy

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Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees December 14, 1998
Policy revised and approved November 8, 2010

The library is committed to maintaining a drug- and alcohol-free workplace, and will not tolerate any drug or alcohol use or activity which endangers the health and well-being of library employees or the delivery of library services and programs.

This policy applies to the following substances: alcoholic beverages of any kind, and controlled or illegal drugs or substances, including all forms of narcotics, hallucinogens, depressants, stimulants, and other drugs whose use, possession, or transfer is restricted or prohibited by law, except when used according to the instructions of a physician, dentist or other person licensed to prescribe or dispense controlled substances.

Note:  Employees using any medicines which cause drowsiness or other side effects that may impair their ability to perform the job properly and safely should inform their supervisor or the supervisor’s designated alternate.

The following activities are prohibited while an employee is on the library premises, engaged in library business, or driving a library vehicle:

  • unlawful or unauthorized manufacture, possession, use, sale, distribution, dispensation, receipt, or transportation of any drugs or alcoholic beverages
  • being under the influence of unlawful or unauthorized alcohol or other drugs during business hours
  • performing duties while under the influence of unlawful or unauthorized alcohol or other drugs whether on or off the premises.

An employee who engages in such behavior may be referred for counseling or rehabilitation and satisfactory treatment and may be subject to criminal, civil and disciplinary penalties, up to and including dismissal from employment.

Employees may obtain information about the library’s Employee Assistance Program from the Personnel Administrator.

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