Credit card policy

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Policy adopted by the Library Board of Trustees July 14, 2014

Revised October 17, 2022

Credit cards will be issued to library staff members with a demonstrated need to routinely purchase goods and services necessary for library operations for which a purchase order is not an accepted form of payment or who routinely travel on library business. When utilizing credit cards for library purchases or travel, staff must follow the library’s Procurement Policy at all times.

The following positions are authorized to have library-issued credit cards in their name:

  • Library Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Department Head (Librarian III)
  • Manager/Coordinator (Librarian II)
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Purchasing Clerk
  • Head of building and grounds

All credit cards will be held in the library safe. Library staff members with cards issued in their names may request their cards from the Business Manager after receiving permission for the expenditure from the Director, Assistant Director, or Department Head. They must log the request, including the date of request and purpose of the purchase.  The cards will be checked in and out by the Business Manager; original receipts and purchase orders must be completed and submitted as soon as possible after returning to the library.

Credit card statements will be reviewed monthly by the Director and the Business Manager.

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