Valerian B-K. Masao II

Bethlehem resident: 5 years

Program Operations Specialist
Community Service/Volunteer Work
Committee member of Bethlehem Town, Red Cross,
elementary school, HIV/AIDS educator – volunteer
Other pertinent details
Based on my experience and background, I believe I will be an added value to diversify the Bethlehem community in respect to academic and community matters, which is greatly needed.

Experience and goals

What do you consider your most meaningful career accomplishment?
Diversified and academic experience from grassroots level to the executive environment in the field of psychology/human services at local, state, national and international level.
What skills do you bring to your tenure on the board?
Diversification, academic and community development and values that are cornerstone to society.
What are your goals as a board member?
Contribute and teamwork spirit serving the children and members of the town of Bethlehem.

Views about libraries

How does a library best serve its community?
By providing rigorous informational resources that best serve the community without a thumb on the scale. Information is knowledge and knowledge is power.
What are the most important issues facing libraries today?
Diversification, relevant/rigor information and teamwork.
How are public libraries changing?
Facilitating ample adaptation consistent with the wheels of evolving technology which require common interest, than unrelated interests.
How have libraries influenced your life?
Best resource of knowledge I have acquired through my life – up to Ph.D-research niche I am embarked on.
What do you like best about Bethlehem Public Library?
Resources to the community members.
What is your vision for the future of this library?
Smart investment and people-centered approaches are the best ways to deliver needed services.

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