Kristi Narang

Kristi Narang
Trustee candidate

Years of residency:  20
Occupation:  Scientist

What do you consider your most meaningful career accomplishment?  In my career, my most meaningful accomplishment was a multi-year research project that developed from a single lab experiment.  Our team worked together to balance the art and science of developing a new technology from infancy- requiring flexibility, creativity and teamwork as much as technical rigor and hard work.

What skills do you bring to your tenure on the board? I bring a scientific and technical background that allows me to focus on detailed analysis balanced with flexible and creative skills to drive consensus and problem solving as a well as a continuous desire to delve into details and understand a project’s needs and requirements for successful execution.

What are your goals as a library board member? My goals as a library board member are to help library operations continue to provide a successfully operating community environment for education and entertainment and to guide effective decision making about present and future activities and initiatives.

How does a public library best serve its community?  A library serves its community by providing materials, information and facilities that satisfy its broad spectrum of users.  The library should offer both traditional services and collections as well as expanded offerings that can meet the changing landscape of information, technology and community requirements.

What are the most important issues facing public libraries today?  Serving an increasingly diverse audience with a diverse set of expectations and requirements of library service may be a challenging issue for public libraries today.  Identifying the unmet needs of the community and deciding what solutions a library is able to offer is a constant challenge.

How are public libraries changing?  How can a library board expedite these changes? Libraries are offering more programming on site, more options in items that can be physically borrowed and more online content such as e-books, streaming services and online reference materials.  A library board can expedite these changes by offering support, ideas and guidance for prioritization and long term planning

How have libraries influenced your life?  I have been drawn to libraries since I was a child, losing myself in the stacks.  The pattern is repeated as the library provides a positive environment for my children to play, learn and study.  I am inspired to visit other libraries on family travels just to check them out.

What do you like best about Bethlehem Public Library? I love the library as a destination to look forward to.  It is a place to stop and spend an hour or attend a program to learn something new, and it is a place to take my family and return with armloads of new entertainment or new “things” to try.

What is your vision for the future of this library?  My vision is to provide a healthy environment for community education and service with a continued balance between learning and entertainment.  The library should embrace the new ways of sharing and delivering information while maintaining access to traditional media.  The library should be a “destination” for all.

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